1. Conversations Network

Small-group, peer-led discussions on topics of interest such as budgeting, saving, lifestyle, taxes, debit & credit cards, loans, investing, managing financial risk, career (salary negotiations), retirement planning and pensions, finances as a parent (college fund, etc.). Peer-facilitators will receive training and materials that they can use to get the conversations and groups started.

2. Advocacy Work

A diverse team of volunteers working on putting together resources, research and papers and meeting with local government officials to advocate for access to financial literacy courses and resources in schools. Financial education is the responsibility of our governments, so we want to move the needle in the right direction and make it accessible to young people in all of Eastern Europe.

3. Blog and Content Library

Free for all and translated in all Eastern European Languages. In our language and in a way in which we can understand it. Independent and unbiased by external incentives to ‘sell’ anything.

4. Courses & Webinars

Going in depth on more specialized topics.